Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Day Times Two!

Today was already a special day. You see, nine years ago on this day, I gave birth to a little blue-eyed handsome man who changed my life forever. Happy Birthday, buddy! Mommy loves you so very, very much!

And at 12:36 this afternoon, my dear lifelong friend "Maria" gave birth to a beautiful little 6.5 lb baby girl!

Just when I think my heart cannot be more full. My cup truly runneth over.


My amazing Snowsister continues to progress very nicely! Another week and a half and the 2nd trimester milestone has been achieved! How incredible is that?

All of these new lives entering the world just fills me with such a sense of hope and promise. I can't believe that one month from today we'll be celebrating the 1st birthday of our sweet little princess. What an unbelievable blessing she has been and oh how much love and joy she has brought to everyone!

This may sound strange, but I like to think of her as having had a tremendous hand in our decision to place our embryos up for adoption. One look into those big blue eyes and the decision was made.

The circle of life. Isn't it something?

Happy, happy day indeed!!

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  1. Wow, what an amazing day indeed so much to celebrate!!! That's amazing that your son and Maria's daughter will share a birthday! Hope that joy continues to be ever present in your life!