Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is it Friday yet??

Is it crazy that to me Thursday nights seem a bit like Christmas Eve?? The weekend is so close I can smell it, and I can hardly wait!! As you can probably imagine, we don't get much "down time" around here, and this weekend is no exception.

Tomorrow night we're going to try and keep things a little bit low key. The usual "Friday Pizza Night", and we're going to attempt to construct this cool Haunted House made out of...brownies!! (Can you say SOLD?!?)

Saturday is going to be a really big's Homecoming!! It's coming a bit later than usual this year, but I've got a freshman & a senior to help get ready...and they're both girls!! Yikes!! The day will start bright & early with a breakfast & parade at the school, followed by the football game at 11:00. Have to get my son to his soccer game at 2:00, then come home and break out the curling irons, makeup, nail polish, and lovely dresses! Once we see the girls off at around 7:00, the rest of us are heading to our trailer down on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland to close it up for the season. This was actually a very exciting purchase we just made about a month ago, so we're counting down (already!) to the Summer of 2011!

Sunday will be grocery shopping day, moving some furniture given to us by my amazing Dad & Stepmom, and then it's time for Baby's 1st Halloween!! I'll save her costume as a surprise for Monday's post because it's really too precious for words and will be much better in picture form.

I'm sure, as usual, this weekend will fly by in the blink of an eye as they always seem to do. But I always try and take at least a moment or two to just pause and really soak in the moment. In spite of all the rushing and craziness, this is truly the "good stuff". The times that I'll be looking back on years from now and wishing to get even one minute back. So here's to Halloween, and here's to Homecoming, and here's to living in the moment!!

** a bit of last minute bonus, exciting, amazing, can't wait to celebrate daughter just learned she scored a 2020 out of 2400 on her SAT's!! SO incredibly proud!!

Happy (early) Halloween Weekend to everyone!!

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