Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And now we wait...

I have a confession to make. I am not a patient person.

When I have something warming in the microwave, I glare at the timer as if to will it to go faster. I sometimes peek ahead when reading a book or magazine article. At the end of a semester, I check my school website compulsively looking for my grades. And you don't want to ever be in the same car as me when I'm stuck in traffic. EVER.

So could say this 2 ww is killing me a little bit. And I'm not even the one going through it!

We had such an amazing visit with our "extended family". On Friday night, we went and enjoyed some holiday lights and had a wonderful dinner together (I generously offered to have some wine not only for myself, but on my snow sister's behalf as well! Such a good friend!). And then on Saturday, we hit New York City! For anyone who ever has the opportunity to visit NYC at Christmast time, I can not say emphatically enough---DO IT!! This is a tradition I've had for many, many years now and honestly have felt such a void the years I haven't been able to make it (such as last year, when I was practically bed-ridden with a subchorionic hematoma).

Thanks to my compulsive planning (I am the world's most organized traveler!), we managed to do about 80% of what we had planned! We were able to check out the Macy's window displays, see the Empire State Building, take in Times Square, Central Park, FAO Schwartz, Trump Tower, Rockefeller Center...and more! I have to say, this particular trip was already more special being able to share it with them, but seeing New York through the eyes of anyone who's never been before is like witnessing a small miracle.

I was so incredibly sad to say good bye at the end of the day. I cannot put into words the bond I have formed with this couple in such an unbelievably short period of time. It amazes me to think that 6 months ago I didn't even know they existed. And now I couldn't imagine my life without them.

One week from tomorrow. The results will be in and the wait will be over.

All fingers crossed. All prayers raised to heaven. It is in God's hands.


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