Monday, November 29, 2010

An Early Christmas

Well, the big week has finally arrived! It's FET week for my Snow Sister!

All we've been saying lately is how crazy it is that it's actually December and that transfer time has actually arrived. We can't decide if it feels like this whole crazy process just started days ago, or if we've known each other forever! I tend to lean towards the latter.

For several months now, I've been anxious about this week. Nervous about this week. I was prepared to deal with the whole gammut of emotions. To be experiencing a great deal of turmoil and confusion. And to be completely honest, now that it's here, I am feeling only one emotion.



I am beside myself thrilled!!

I have stopped couting the weeks, counting the days, and am now counting the HOURS. To think that in 3 short days, she will be PUPO!! How incredibly AMAZING is that?!? Can you THINK of a better holiday miracle?!?

I do recognize the need for cautious optimism. And I am trying to maintain some degree of restraint. But I won't lie~~it's tough. I just feel too good about this. Too wonderfully, incredibly, unbelievably hopeful.

We are absolutely thrilled that we will get to spend a good deal of time with our new extended family while they are here. And we can't wait. We have lots of fun events planned, and I plan on treasuring every moment.

This past weekend, we went and had our family pictures done for the holidays. And all I could think of when I saw our sweet angel smiling for the camera was that next year, this could be THEM dressing up their little angel in his or her Christmas finest. And it could be THEM beaming with pride and exploding with love.

I have but ONE wish this Christmas.

Please join me in prayer and well wishes for this unbelievable, amazing couple. From our lips to God's ears.



  1. Tears streaming down my face after reading this, I hope so much that our Christmas wish comes true this year! So much love to you guys & looking so forward to spending time creating memories together! LOVE that picture of little Ms:)

  2. Wonderful! I hope all their wishes come true this Christmas and that their blessed with a little miracle some time next year :)

  3. Fingers crossed!

    I have to say, I'm so touched by your decision to donate your embryos. What an amazing journey you are on.